Situated on a 2 km stretch of beach on the Kalpitiya coast of Sri Lanka, the Bar Reef Beach Resort offers a truly relaxing getaway for the traveller.

It's most famous for it's dolphin, whale watching and truly spectacular snorkelling on the Bar Reef shelf. The azure, warm ocean is always mirror calm and welcoming during the months of October through May.

The Bar Reef Beach Resort is simply, a very informal beach destination that offers the friendly hospitality of it's village staff rather than the regimented hotel type service. And what it may lack in amenities (there's no hot water for example), it makes up for with it's rustic charm and whimsical design of it's structures which encourage guests to meet and mingle in an unpretentious communal atmosphere.

The coastal waters offer the treasures of dolphin and whale watching as well as snorkelling over the nearby spectacular coral formations. In addition, in terms of water-based action, there is kite surfing, deep sea fishing, kayaking, canoeing, sailing and wind surfing.

For those more inclined towards cultural adventures or land-based nature, the Cultural Triangle, featuring four of the island's seven World Heritage sites is within 2 or 3 hours reach, as are interesting temples, churches and Dutch-era towns.

The country's largest National Park is within 90 minutes drive and contains the country's largest concentration of leopard, along with elephants, bears and other spectacular wild life and bird life. In fact, Kalpitiya and it's environs are an absolute bird watchers paradise.

Bar Reef Beach Resort consists of varying accommodations- There are two very spacious Villas and six Cabanas with separate living and bedroom areas all set within their own landscaped lush gardens.

Bar Reef Beach Resort is situated approximately 2 hours from the airport and 3 hours north of Colombo.

Relax at the beach club

With are newly refurbished Beach Club, our guest can enjoy the best of the sand & surf activities. The fully equipped Beach club offers a wide variety of activities designed to suit adults and kids alike...

Living with nature

Bar Reef features two kinds of accommodation - 7 cabanas and 2 villas, each of which is set with in their own private enclosures with individually planned gardens, open air toilets and baths to enthrall your mind...

Delectable Delights

Our new and improved menu while not extensive, is quite intriguing and will keep most guests quite sumptuously satisfied. A vivid selection of dishes from starters, soups, main courses, local & international buffets...

Whale & dolphin watching

November to March is the season for dolphin watching as this is when the seas are calm. During this period, hundreds of dolphins and in some instances thousands can be observed in large pods. Dolphin watching excursions usually begin at 7:00am and last about 2 hours...

Invigorating waters

In close proximity to Bar Reef Resort just half an hour by boat is a worthwhile experience if you do not want to endure the long journey to Bar Reef. Snorkelling at depths of 15-30 feet it is recommended for the not so die hard snorkelers and makes for a great family outing...